Where do we start?

I'll work from a picture of your choice. The best photos to work from are clear and focused enough for me to distinguish a person or animal's coloring and marking, (stripes, spots, freckles, curls, facial hair, whisker length, eye color, mood and facial expressions) You can either scan a JPEG image of your picture to me by email, or you can send me a photocopy of your picture by regular mail. Here are my prices:


A 12x16 inch portrait costs $600.00 Other sizes available.

Prices vary for portraits of more than one pet - please contact me for more info.


11x14 inch boudoir portraits are available - please contact me for more info.

This does not include the price of shipping. I can send you your painting by UPS or Airborne Express two to three weeks after I start a job.

I really look forward to making you your paintings!

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